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Your Guide to Building and Supporting Circles

Facilitator training is solidly supported by CircleCulture: Tools for Cooperative Work. This guide equips you with tools for effective groups, field-tested and adapted over 40 years.

Shared leadership practices, for example, build inclusiveness and leadership development. Communication skills are sharpened to promote respect and equity, with genuine and honest exchange. Dialogue thrives in a space where every voice is heard, and a diversity of voices is valued. Best decisions are made when a variety of views and skill-sets are brought to bear, as research has shown. These are the tools that promote democratic practices to meet the needs of every participant.




Mastery of the tools is supported by 12 guided sessions for a circle, including activity-based learning components. Graphics point to the phases of each circle, simplifying the use of the guide. No in-house trainer or leader is needed since the group takes charge.

Tools are introduced one by one, with exercises for use, within a repeated format that offers a process flow for the circle that becomes standard practice within a few sessions.

From the foreword by Dr. Jean Houston:

“This book is an act of love, and a commitment to authentic equality, freedom of expression, as well as ancient and future wisdom. Beginning with her ‘Prologue, A Mythic Evocation of Circle,’ Lauren Oliver brings us into a once upon a time, yet ever present sense of unity, of gathering hearts and souls, calling us to remember our original face, our call to the earth, to serve the world with honor, intention, grace, appreciation, and listening.”

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