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As a psychologist and a feminist, I am drawn to Circle. Filled with wonder and astounded by the uniqueness of each human being, I love how we people, and all our relations in the natural world, embody the creative life spirit. Interdependence, reciprocity and belonging weave threads of life.

Yet my heart is broken open by the pain of the world: discounting, racism, gender abuse, poverty, war, and the plundering of Mother Earth. Unaware that we are on the brink of extinction due to climate change, I began work with circles over 40 years ago. I know we humans CAN solve together these disastrous world problems which we cannot do individually. Our cooperation and unity make all the difference. Now more than ever, we need circles on the planet to help members navigate the changing landscape of our community and find belonging in our personal lives. We invite you to join us!

Late 60’s and 70’s, I sat in women’s groups; we believed women’s rights need to be recognized and supported. We pictured a future we wanted. Women’s circles launched the 2nd women’s movement, resulting in big changes to the role of women in our society.

As I managed training and organization development for the first Toyota plant in the US, teamwork was valued and rewarded. Safety, quality work, shared decision-making and customer service thrived. When surveyed, 96% said they were proud to work there. People showed up and teams could count on one another.

I have seen it. I believe ordinary people working together can do extraordinary things – given the context of a cooperative environment. Tools for Cooperative Work provide the way to shift the paradigm.

As a member of The Millionth Circle, I embrace Jean Shinoda Bolen’s vision. We believe as members enter Circle, each is changed by it. Each Circle opens the space for more Circles to form, more vehicles of societal and psychospiritual change. When the Millionth Circle (a metaphorical number) forms, that critical mass of circles tips the scales, bringing about a shift in the larger culture: one where equality and safety allow people to explore and push beyond their limitations.

Years ago, when I joined The Millionth Circle, I set an aim to start thousands of circles. I cannot do that alone – I need you. Together we can shift the culture to respect, equity, sharing and nurturing the planet’s gifts for the 7th generation.

Joining the Indigenous vision that we are borrowing the world from our grandchildren and their grandchildren shifts us to a different time frame and to reverence for life – something my grandmother taught me. Let’s place this intention in the sacred center of our Circles.

I envision and ascribe to a CircleCulture where Circle after Circle sets an intention, shares information, builds strength, courage, and belonging, to take joint action — creating a difference that makes a difference. As a pioneer of the Circle movement, I invite you to experience critical elements for Circles and groups that will foster members to be their best and fulfill their intentions. As a paradigm-shift practitioner, I build high-quality committed groups that work and last. Together, we are creating a powerful new paradigm.