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Circle Services

CircleCulture invites you to step into a circle of dialog, problem-solving and support.
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We envision a culture of cooperation, a world where circles are the primary way we gather as we renew our interconnections, act with respect toward each other, and discover the wisdom we can only access together. Like the ancient vision of Indra’s Net, connecting millions of points of light around the Earth, each circle is a point of light illuminating a world that works for everyone – where we all belong.

Claim for Yourself One of These
Opportunities to Experience CircleCulture

with Dr. Lauren Oliver


An expert-led, hands-on circle immersion experience. Enjoy open and fresh dialogue in circle, where participants engage in personal work to address life challenges, seek feedback for major decisions, find  resources others use for problem-solving. We accompany one another on a significant journey,  igniting healing power. Zoom format. First three sessions free.


Face-to-face and online, seasoned facilitators will learn new tools for their groups and circles. New circle leaders, eager to convene circles and build the CircleCulture shift to cooperation, work in a cohort circle to strengthen practices with confidence. The new facilitator guide, CircleCulture: Tools for Cooperative Work, assists in the design of the first 12 sessions of a new Circle.


Help for launching a brand new circle. Essential tools, agreements and skills are integrated into basic circle practices that assure long-term effective circles. Your Circle can function as a sounding board or mastermind group, engaging your inspiration and creativity as you evolve on your path. Find out what can be arranged in your region.


Your group or organization will benefit from increased morale, improved teamwork, and greater shared leadership in implementing your objectives. Systems-thinking and effective group dynamics underlie the CircleCulture framework. Groups and networks using CircleCulture Tools avoid burnout, build consensus, and enjoy one another! Find out what’s possible for your group.

CircleCulture Tools for Cooperative Work can help you to:

        • Make decisions collaboratively
        • Appreciate and inspire one another
        • Harmonize differences
        • Give and take assertive feedback
        • Safely clear strong feelings
        • Heal misunderstandings and conflicts

Lauren Oliver, PhD offers CircleCulture workshops and coaching for:

        • Launching authentic and effective circles,
        • Inspiring circles via teleconferences,
        • Consulting networked organizations,
        • Teaching and leadership development.

Explore CircleCulture’s power for your professional and personal life:

Call or email for a FREE consultation with Dr. Lauren Oliver, or to join a Circle Forum for FREE.