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CircleCulture invites you to step into a circle of dialog, problem-solving and support.

CircleCulture invites you to step into a circle of dialog, problem-solving and support.


  • Gather trusted people discussing what matters most to you

  • Develop your leadership potential

  • Take risks with support

  • Create abundance by expressing appreciation for self and others.

  • Cultivate love instead of fear, telling each other what we need to hear.

Paradigm shift

Tools and Support to Bring Together People in Circle

CircleCulture: Tools for Cooperative Work

a guide for facilitators of circles

Circle Culture by Lauren Oliver

In CircleCulture, we hear, respect and empower every voice, a much-needed collective skill being lost in many cultures. Fortunately, in spite of or perhaps because of the divisive times we live in now, CircleCulture communities of belonging and supportive relationships are growing and are sustained by practicing CircleCulture tools and structure.  

CircleCulture offers guidance to build the paradigm shift
From top-down leadership to shared leadership;
From excessive individualism to collective well-being;
From hierarchy to equality, inclusivity and empowerment.



With New Dimensions Cafe




Drawing on the authors’ 40 years of experience as senior facilitators, clinical psychologists, and originators of CircleCulture Tools for Cooperative Work, this guide presents detailed instructions for getting started, building communication skills, and solving conflicts. 

We invite you to journey from loneliness to compassionate connection and purpose. CircleCulture nurtures the genuine needs and purposes of the whole group, entrusting participants to dialogue about what matters most. As such, CircleCulture is a catalyst for change and democracy. 

CircleCulture’s guide to starting your circle is an invitation to confidently start your own safe circle. The tools are in your own hands.

Personal Growth

Understand your stage of development, identify your strengths and gifts, and clarify your chosen direction.

teaching & learning

Express your gifts, wisdom and respectful feedback; learn from others’ life experiences; hear how your behavior impacts others, to become your best self.

community action

Circle as a means for community gathering for action, an organizing tool where everyone is listened to and contributes to solutions for the greater good. 

A deeply human capacity for cooperation naturally emerges as people practice listening without judgment and speaking truth without fear.

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The Millionth Circle Hypothesis:

“When a critical number of people change how they think and behave, the culture will change also, and a new era begins…. The significance of Circles can be appreciated as a revolutionary-evolutionary movement that is hidden in plain sight.”

~ Jean Shinoda Bolen


CircleCulture tools provide a framework — a common language and practical techniques for cooperative work — to get you started and support you along the way as you build a circle that accomplishes its purpose and, at the same time, consistently works for everyone.


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Lauren Oliver, PhD

Circle w feet connected


The guide for facilitators of circles: CircleCulture: Tools for Cooperative Work. Foreword by Jean Houston, PhD.

About Lauren

I love how people, and all our relations in the natural world, embody the creative life spirit.


Circle stories and tips, community health, trauma and healing, world worries and relief.

“Each person’s voice is acknowledged. We each bring our energy and truth, and witness others. The whole circle – greater than the sum of its members – gains a unique power to enhance collective well-being.”
—Nicolette Cautero, Circle Facilitator

“Lauren Oliver has a particular talent for intuiting the spark of what can be appreciated in each group member, thereby modeling a crucial and underused form of ‘glue’ for group cohesion.”
Karen Lawson

“CircleCulture inspires us, answers our questions, evokes new possibilities, and provides pathways and principles toward fulfilling some of today’s most poignant needs: for companionship, connection, and abiding friendship.”
Jean Houston, PhD